CIKM'14 full paper accepted

Our paper Multileaved Comparisons for Fast Online Evaluation by Anne Schuth, Floor Sietsma, Shimon Whiteson, Damien Lefortier and Maarten de Rijke was accepted as a full paper at CIKM’14.

SIGIR'14 Short Paper Accepted

Our paper Evaluating Intuitiveness of Vertical-Aware Click Models with Aleksandr Chuklin, Ke Zhou, Anne Schuth, Floor Sietsma, and Maarten de Rijke was accepted as a short paper at SIGIR 2014.

Research in Moscow

My old sovjet buildingOne week ago, I took off from Amsterdam to settle in Moscow for 3.5 months. I was going to be a research intern at Yandex, the Russian search engine and a major player in international search engine land.